A Quick Insight into Toronto Airport

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Toronto Pearson International Airport is one of the best and busiest airports in the world, catering to a large area comprising of Toronto and Ontario. It is named after Lester. B. Pearson, the fourteenth prime minister of the Canada and a Nobel Laureate. It is ranked the 35th in the whole world with regards to the number of passengers that travel through it. It is the main point for airlines like WestJet and Air Canada. There are two main operating terminals, 1 and 3 although the first terminal has been brought down and reconstructed later.

  • Domestic, International and Trans-border flights are flown from Terminal 1 and it is considered to be the 11th largest terminal in the world, with respect to its area. It also houses the ThyssenKrupp¬†Express Walkway, which is also the fastest walkway in the world.
  • Terminal 3 was built to handle the extra traffic from Terminal 1 and 2 and it considered to be the grandest of all. Not only is there is a parking terminal, but a hotel of international repute stands right opposite to it. The amenities offered at this terminal have been appreciated by all.

Toronto Airport has a host of facilities in place to ensure the complete safety and comfort of the passengers. There is a fully operation fire fighting service and the Royal Canadian Mountain Police. The onboard food catering is also looked into by some of the best caterers. Moreover, there are excellent services for transportation to and from the airport. Cheap car rental in Toronto airport is available so that the passengers do not have to worry about commutation. If someone has to be reach a meeting immediately from the airport, a quick advance booking will ensure that there will be a rental waiting at the airport. There are also terminal connection link trains and out of town van services who will be traveling away from the main city.

Toronto Airport ensures that you do not miss out on anything. There are also storage facilities in Terminal 1 and 3. If there is a short stopover, you can simply store your articles and have a look around the city before you come back for the next flight. Moreover, wheelchairs are available for the elderly and the patients. Moreover, even in this digital age, there are stamps available if you need them.

The airport continues to grow and will keep on serving its passengers.

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