7+1 Tips to rent a minivan in Toronto

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Finally you have extracted some time off your busy schedule for a weekend getaway with your family and friends to enjoy the myriad of attractions the city of Toronto offers. So, how to go about this?  While packing and food arrangements are definitely important factors to consider, there is one area you need to take utmost care of – minivan rental in Toronto.

While selecting a minivan rental agency in Toronto

you need to think different aspects. For instance – What’s your budget? Are you willing to sacrifice comfort for your budget? Or are you ready to pay extra for a comfortable minivan? What’s the minimal liability coverage the agency is offering?

With so many decisions involved here, we bring to you a few handy tips to help you zeroing in on the right minivan rental -

  1. Check online: Search for car rental companies with keywords like – minivan rental in Toronto, rent a minivan in Toronto, cheap minivan rentals in Toronto etc. Go through the services page of each company. Note down the services they offer and compare the prices quoted by each company.
  1. Look for deals: Again, there cannot be a better option than internet for deals and offers. Most car rental companies have a special section for weekend discounts and weekly rates. Look for these when you check out different car rental websites.
  1. Look for coupon codes: They are one of the best ways to save on car rental. If you are an active member of any famous car club then you can get access to exclusive discounts.
  1. Double verify the offers: Remember a rate that sounds too good might always have some hidden charges. To avoid falling into such traps, make sure to verify with the car rental company. Call them or send an e-mail.  Go through the full details of the offer. Clarify the surcharges and taxes you need to pay.
  1. Clarify the area limit: Every car rental company has a car travel zone. You cannot take the minivan outside the specified area. So if you have any intention of driving across state lines –  WAIT AND ASK

Note: Usually ‘unlimited mileage rates’ do not apply when one is traveling to a different state. Clarify all these small clauses before you say OK to the rental contract.

  1. Auto insurance: It’s always good to get the minivan insured before you head off to your trip. However, before you pay extra for the auto insurance, check your auto insurance policy. Your auto insurance plans might already have a special provision for rental vehicles.
  1. Select your pickup carefully: Renting the minivan from the airport will make you pay extra charges. Choose a suburban location as pick up point to save you from paying the additional airport surcharges and local government taxes.
  1. There is an added advantage when you are renting a minivan. Unlike other travel cars where you have to separately rent the child safety seat, most minivans are integrated with children safety seat features.

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