Why Car Rental Service:

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The very first reason for people using rented cars rather than owning one is the average rate of depreciation of a car. This means, the value of your car starts falling right from the moment you buy it. Whether you are using it regularly or it is sitting idle in your garage, the value of your vehicle starts falling. Last year’s review claims the average rate of depreciation is accepted to be 20% in the first year of purchase, reducing to approximately 15 % in the second and third years. This is one of the main reasons for many people to opt for using a rented car, where you only pay to use it.

Choosing a good Car Rental Service can be frustrating and exhausting, with varied options available online and their offers and services. Things get easier if the search is narrowed down to the important factors to be considered.

Top Five Tips To Choose A Car Rental Company:

  • The cars available – The larger the company, the larger their fleet.  Discuss, your need for the car, whether you need it for  leisure trip or for work, whether you’d be travelling alone or with a huge group of people, the kind of road you’d be travelling on. The availability option to suit your needs is the primary factor for choosing a rental service.
  • The rate of rental- after the choice, the rate or the cost is very important in making up your mind about the rates they offer. Deciding factors like extra costs of personalized pick –up and drop-off time, the rate per hours and bulk hour facilities usually vary from one company to another.
  • Added benefits offered- Check on the internet about discount offers, loyalty programs; search on the internet for travel coupons and promotional codes, b each car rental service providers to cut down on your cost. Also check if you need to pay for insurance, try and avoid it.
  • Conditions of the cars available – This is another serious issue to be considered. The vehicle that you’d be using needs to be “in best of health”. A good company would have an inspection report validating the condition of the cars.
  • Customer friendly service- a good rental service should be open about their offers and should be flexible to meet the need of their customers.

So, make the call, make an appointment, discuss openly, read the fine print and book your wheels in advance to avoid too many complications.

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