New to Canada- Tips to Stay Safe from Crime

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Visiting a new state or a city can be a very exciting experience and yet it can be a matter of concern if you do not know how to find your way through. The thrill of discovering a new place is soon replaced by the dreadful tension if you suddenly get lost in the city and you feel that there is no one around you whom you can trust. If you are new to Canada, then chances are that you will fall in love with the place and want to come back again. But you do need to take certain precautionary measures so that your trip remains a pleasant one. Here are some tips to stay safe from crime:

  • When you set out for a particular destination, be sure that you know the directions thoroughly. Do not just step out and then start asking strangers. Yes, there are those who will help you out but there are also those who will try and take advantage of the fact if they realize you don’t know your way. They might misguide you to a wrong direction. So always be sure of the directions and head straight for it.
  • To make the travel smoother, you can always hire a rental car but be sure that it is from a reputed agency. By hiring a rental car, you will be able to move around the city at will, without any difficulty. It will be like having your own car. However, try not to rent the car from just about anybody just because he would be ready to charge a little less. A good agency will have all the cars checked in a routine manner and will also have conducted a thorough background check of the chauffeur who would be accompanying you. So you at least know that you have a trustworthy vehicle and driver by your side.
  • Avoid traveling very late and night. Although it might sound cliché, you just do not know how the city turns out to be at night. You might want to explore the night life of the city, but make sure you are a part of the big trustworthy group before you venture out. Always carry your identification and save the local distress helpline number on your phone so that you can call for help at any time of the day or night.

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