Monthly budget car rentals in Toronto, Brampton

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Monthly car rental service is quite popular in Toronto and Brampton area, Canada. Monthly car rentals are also known as long term car rental as the rental span is stretched between 30 days to 11 months.

Why people opt for monthly car rentals?

Monthly or long term car rentals are chosen for different reasons like

  1. Student moving to other places for internship purpose
  2. Business trips
  3. The renter’s car is in garage and he/she needs a car for commuting
  4. Relocation
  5. Holidaying.

The following vehicles are popular for monthly car rental:

Advantages of monthly car rentals in Toronto:

  • More savings with long term car rental
  • No need to worry about mileage – depends on the agreement between you and the car rental company
  • Better automotive choice with durability, air-condition, GPS navigation, etc.
  • 24 hour emergency assistance

Insurance coverage on monthly car rentals:

Most of the private insurance companies usually transfer the coverage to the rental vehicle during the time you are using the rental vehicle. Ask your insurance agency to clarify this. To know more read:

Car rental rates in Toronto, Brampton:

Different companies have different pricing structure depending on the availability of fleets, facilities, locations etc. basic pricing starts from $19.99 a day in XceedCarRentals.

Before you chose a car rental service in Brampton, check for the rates and services they are offering. Many of the companies might boast of cheap car rentals, but you can go through this checklist to be on the safer side.

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