Easy and budget friendly commutation options for students in Mississauga

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Mississauga is fast emerging as one of the major educational hubs of the country and students are coming here in large numbers. While most of them find accommodation at friendly rates, sometimes the commutation to the college or the university becomes a matter of concern and adds to their budget. Here are some pocket friendly commutation options for the students:

  • Owning a Bike or Cycle: While this would mean just a little bit of investment in the beginning, it would prove to be a lot cheaper in the long run. A cycle, especially would require no fuel and one can easily maintain it. The student would be able to go wherever he wants and would not have to waste time waiting for public transport, especially if he has to visit quite a few places during the course of the day.
  • Weekly Car Rental: It would be a prudent idea to opt for a weekly car rental. Car rental companies are available in plenty in Mississauga and for the students, they often have discounted. A weekly rental car would arrive at a designated time and take the student to the campus. An entire batch of 4 to 5 students can commute this way and if the costs can be divided it is going to prove extremely cheap. The car rentals are from reliable companies and they take full care of the well being of the students.
  • Public Transport: If one can only become familiar with the routes of the cabs and buses and can adjust to the timings, then public transportation can be a very safe and affordable option. The transportation system of Mississauga is well planned and the routes are well connected. Of course, there might be some instances initially when a bus would be missed, but a few frequent trips would be enough to tell you about the timings and the short cuts.
  • Trains: For those who would be traveling from the outskirts of the city, the best option would be to avail the local trains. Cars would be time consuming for traveling such a long distance and the costs would go up because of the fuel consumption. The trains are almost always on time and they would help you to reach your classes even if you are traveling from afar. You are bound to find the trains the easiest option for long distance commute.

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