Car Rentals Do’s and Don’ts to help your prepare for your next trip

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There are many questions to be answered while making your choice of the appropriate Car Rental Service to suit your needs. These questions come up every time one comes up with a need to rent a car, and can be stressful and are anything but straightforward.

Here is a list of Car Rentals Do’s and Don’ts to help your prepare for your next trip.

First let us discuss the Do’s:

Do choose the right kind of car

Travelling require comfort. Cramping too many people in a small car, travelling for long hours in a car with very little leg space, choosing a luxury car to travel through the rugged roads of a country side, or traveling with luggage and not having space to store them can make your trip very stressful. Decide upon the choices of an environment friendly vehicle and an auto transmission one, depending on the country you will be travelling and its norms.

Do choose a smaller Car Rental Company

Smaller companies focus more on the customized customer services than the larger one. Though the larger ones might have a bigger fleet, the small companies offer lower rates and discount, cutting down your cost. The overhead cost of bigger companies is added on the rate of rent.

Do understand your rental

Read the terms and conditions carefully, ask your agent about any restrictions. Whether there is a fee for additional driver, if they charge for drop-offs and pick-ups. Read through the fine prints and search for any hidden costs, other than the rent. Also, get a confirmation for reservation.

Do inspect the car thoroughly

Small companies usually do not claim for minor damages, but a pre-rental inspection is important for dents, chipping and scratches, so that you don’t have to pay for it while returning.
Let us discuss the Don’ts now

Don’t prepay for the fuel

Unless you are sure to return the car with an empty tank, opt for fuelling the car yourself, than having them do it for you.

Don’t pay for insurance

Find out from your own insurance agent, whether you are covered by your own car insurance agencies coverage or any other insurance policies. It is better, not to buy insurance from your car rental service, as they are charged exorbitantly.

Don’t book late

A last minute reservation will increase your cost. Booking early means more availability of cars, a wide range for selection and better rates.

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