Car Rental Market In Canada

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Car rental services Canada

Car rental services have always found favor among both domestic as well as foreign tourists in Canada. Availing of these rental facilities allows travelers to experience the true beauties of this picturesque North American country. Vehicles can be taken on hire for short trips, as well as long journeys. Traditionally, in Canada, most car rental facilities were available from the airport, so that tourists coming via air never had to face any hassles while looking for rental cars. However, at present tourists can avail of these services from other locations like Brampton as well. Both business visitors, as well as leisure travelers, find the car rental services in the nation much to their liking.

Car rental Market Canada

The Canadian car rental market, when closely studied, presents an interesting picture. This sector managed to hold its own in the face of the economic volatility in the latter months of 2011, which had affected the development of the national economy at large. While the absolute rate of growth of the car rental market, at 3 % (in terms of current valuation), might not seem significant at first sight, it certainly was remarkable, particularly due to the fact that the number of international tourists to the country had gone down by 1% during the year.

This growth was made possible particularly due to the strength of the increasing significance of the domestic tourism sector. No longer were the car rental services solely dependent on their presence at airport terminals.

The future prospects of the car rental market in Canada appear to be pretty robust too. The overall value of this sector is expected to touch 1.5 billion Canadian dollars by 2016, at an impressive CAGR of 3%. While the strong performance of the national currency in the global financial markets were likely to bring down the number of leisure travelers somewhat, car rental services are expected to remain largely unaffected by it.

In fact, in future, the sector would depend more on the influx of corporate tourists. The travelers who would be taking trips within the country are expected to prop up this sector too. The healthy brand image of the Canadian market is also likely to play an important role in the recovery of the car rental sector from the worldwide economic slump.

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