Why To Be Cautious Before Renting A Car?

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Car rental rip-offs happen all the time. Although it is tough to avoid them altogether, you can at least take care to lessen the impact by being alert.

A story that was recently published on one of the news portals goes like this:

“During my trip to New York last week with my friends, I rented a Minivan to take us to the hotel. We got into the Minivan at the airport and were supposed to return it the next day to a place 20 minutes from the hotel.

After a good online search, I zeroed in on this car rental service provider. Even though their prices weren’t very impressive, they were pretty competitive. Instead of calling the car rental office and finding out whether the Minivan could be left at the airport, I thought it could obviously be done for a small charge. That proved to be my biggest mistake.

Only after I drove to the airport to leave the Minivan did I find that the charge was a whopping $75! It was too late to change things now. The next thing I did was haggle with the agent and brought the price down to $50. But it was foolishness on my part to not check everything in advance. I was put through this grind only because of carelessness.”

This is the reason why you need to be extremely cautious while renting a car. Do a thorough online research. Browse through as many websites on car rental as you can and compare the facilities given by each. Go through the rules, regulations and price charts carefully so that you are not taken for a ride by hidden charges later.

Which Car Rental Company Should You Book With?

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