5 Things to Do When Booking a Car Rental Service

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When you’re traveling abroad, a car rental service is the best way to see the places around if you wish to avoid last-minute rushes and enjoy traveling in your own pace. While car rentals are easily available, you need to be careful while booking one. Here’s a list of the things that you must do (and must not do) when booking the services of a car rental.

1. Try not to book rentals at the airport

Avoid renting a car right at the airport since most of the times, there are additional charges associated with such services. Instead, check with your hotel if they provide shuttle services for their guests. To be on the safer side, we suggest that while looking for a hotel, you keep in mind such value-added services and then book your hotel accordingly.

2. Check about the insurance

While at some places, car rental insurance is mandatory, at other places it might not be so. Also check if your car insurance company covers rental cars. If it does, you wouldn’t need to get insurance from the rental company. Again, if you’re using a credit card to pay for your rental, it may have an insurance too. It’s advisable that you discuss with your car insurance and credit card companies to understand if you need additional insurance.

3. Check the car thoroughly before the final booking

Never drive away without checking any rental car thoroughly. Look for any damages inside as well as the outside of the vehicle. If overlooked, even a minor damage can lead you to pay additional charges when you return the car. To avoid this it is always suggested to contact a reputed car rental service provider.

4. Refill before returning the car

Before you return the car, you must refill the gas tank or else you are liable to be charged by the rental company.

5. Give the car back on time

Know the exact time for returning the vehicle and stick to that particular time. Any delay will result in added charges.

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